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Cobra Beer carry on Eat Out To Help Out scheme in September


Cobra Beer has launched a website to support restaurants to extend discounts in September too.

Following the huge success of the Government’s Eat Out To Help Out scheme in August, to support the restaurant industry following the effects of Covid-19, Cobra Beer have partnered with thousands of restaurants across the country to provide support throughout the month of September 2020.

Restaurants can be register through https://cobraeatoutpromotion.com/ website and offer discounts to their customers. The web site also allow the consumers to find out restaurants which offers discounts.

The Eat Out to Help Out scheme will come to an end this month, meaning diners will no longer get up to 50% off meals.

Cobra, one of the most popular brands in food industry, supports restaurants to continue the popular discount campaign this month.  The restaurants that register on the website prepared by the Cobra that opened the related website encourage them to continue their discounts of up to 30 percent throughout September.

The money-saving initiative was set up by Chancellor Rishi Sunak to encourage people to go out and eat again following lockdown.

Every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, for the duration of September 2020, enjoy the following:

Get up to 30% discount, maximum of £10 per head (on food only) from your bill* and buy any Cobra, get ONE Cobra FREE, per person, per visit.

The London restaurants extending the Eat Out To Help Out discount into September

Restaurants are reporting soaring trade since the campaign launched, and many have chosen to foot the discount themselves in September.

UK restaurants extend their Eat Out to Help Out discount after its success in August. When the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, announced his plan to boost footfall in restaurants, pubs and cafes, not many people predicted quite the level of success the Eat Out to Help Out scheme has achieved.

Some restaurants have already announced they will be continuing the scheme after August 31, but and any discounts they do offer can’t be reclaimed from the government.

Cobra Director Samson Sohail said “Due to the huge demand we’ve decided to to encourage the restaurants to extend the “Eat out to help out” for September themselves!  Restaurants workers and owners are very worried that when August finishes, people will stop dining out as often as they do now, extend the scheme further, even if it means selling the food at cost price but will bring more customers, especially Monday to Wednesday when usually restaurants are quite.”

Samson Sohail said they will also support restaurants to provide them free beer promotions “buy any Cobra, either draught or bottle, get one Cobra free, per person, per visit.


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