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“High delivery fees threaten food quality” says Alim-Et Meze & Grill

Alim-Et say restaurant standards could slip if delivery keep commission fees high.

A Kent restaurant manager has said high commission rates levied by big delivery firms could cause restaurant standards to slip.

Merve Carcabuk who runs Alim-Et Meze & Grill told BritShish that delivery giants JustEat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo could leave restaurants and takeaways no choice but to make cutbacks affecting food quality, portion sizes and staff numbers.

“I would like to add my expressions to how online food order and delivery companies such as JustEat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats charges are extreme,” she said.

“Alim-Et does not use any of these services. We are a well-established business, we can survive without it, however our thoughts are with those takeaways and restaurants who will need to use those businesses.

“Takeaways which have never used online services are having to use those companies to survive and bear the high commission charges that ranks between 25% to 35%. It’s a big proportion.

“Them dominating will mean businesses such as takeaways and restaurants will have to reduce their costs and this will be through reducing the quality, size of the portions and sadly reducing staff numbers.

“Sadly, customers — including regulars — choose to order through those online services.

“In order to maintain the healthy running of local takeaways and restaurants during this threatening condition, I would be pleased if you could all try to actually call the businesses directly to order.”


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