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Coca-Cola to replace can multipack plastic packaging

Coca-Cola has unveiled plans to stop using plastic shrink-wrap packaging on can multipacks sold in Britain within the next 18 months to make the company’s operations more environmentally friendly.

The soft drink producer aims to totally replace shrink-wrap on packs of four, six or eight cans with sustainably-sourced and completely recyclable cardboard packaging. The changes do not apply to 10 can multipacks which are already packaged with cardboard.

The transition to cardboard is expected to affect packs ofpopular soft drink products  including Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr Pepper, Fanta and Lilt.

Coca-Cola believe reducing the use of shrink-wrap packaging in the UK could take around 4,000 tonnes of plastic out of circulation. The multinational has said that although the currently in use shrink-wrap is recyclable, 90% of local authorities do not collect it.

“All of our cans are 100% recyclable, but we know it’s not easy for consumers to recycle the plastic shrink-wrap from our multipacks” said Coca-Cola Great Britain General ManagerJon Woods.

“By replacing shrink-wrap with cardboard, we are making it easier for consumers to recycle the packaging after they’ve enjoyed our drinks” he added.

“We’re taking action wherever we can to ensure we’re removing unnecessary packaging and making sure all of our packaging is as sustainable as possible.”

No labels for “non-stun” slaughtered meatsays Defra Secretary

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)Secretary Theresa Villiers has confirmed that the Government will not introduce labels for meat produced with non-stun slaughter.

Ms Villiers said that the Government is against limitations on non-stun slaughter, adding that she “would not have supported” previously proposed amendments to the Agriculture Bill which would have made it compulsory to label un-stunned meat products.

The Defra secretary added that it is “important for people to be able to follow their faith” on matters relating to slaughter.

Mandatory labelling of non-stunned meat could have caused problems for kebab businesses serving or selling foods prepared in line with halal or kosher slaughter proceduresby potentially singlingthem out or demonising them if had the amendment passed.

FSA announces new allergysafety measures

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) Board has confirmed several new measures to protect people with food allergies and intolerances. The Board agreed to a set of actions at a meeting in Belfast on 18 September, a week after the end of the inquest into the death of Owen Carey, who died from an allergic reaction to dairy at the burger chain Byron.

According to a statement posted on the FSA’s website, theagreed actions include:

  • issuing a clear and easy to follow aide-memoire for enforcement officers (Environmental Health Officers and Trading Standards Officers) which is focused specifically on the action they should be taking within [the] business in relation to food allergies
  • publishing an urgent update of the highly-regarded ‘Safer Food Better Business’ guide, including a review of the allergens information included
  • at the end of the year, launching of an awareness campaign to remind businesses and consumers about how to keep people with food allergies safe
  • implementing a pilot project to develop better reporting of allergic reactions
  • focusing on the concerns raised by Owen’s case at the next Industry Leadership Forum on food hypersensitivity in November
  • meeting with Byron and their local authority to discuss the detail of Owen’s case and lessons learned
  • once all information is available, commission a full root cause analysis of this specific incident to ensure that lessons are shared

The Board has said they are committed to helping food businesses protect consumers, and to developing a better understanding of food allergens through further research in order to improve people’s lives in this area.


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