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Keejays offers Kebab Industry sweet& sour


British kebab lovers could enjoy atantalising new twist next time they eat doner, shish or kofteas Keejays plans tobringsweet and sour sauce into the Kebab Sector.

The renowned sauce manufactureris offering kebab businesses and other takeaways a fresh take on sweet and sour through its Goldfish Brand with a new product called Sweet & Sour Concentrate.

Originally developed at the company’s state of the art production facilities with the fish and chips market in mind, Keejays believe their sweet and sour sauce has plenty to offer the Kebab Industry and other takeaway businesses too.

Taking off in the Kebab Industry would not be the first time the sauce company’s products have made an impact beyond their intended customer base.

Sammy Lee who co-founded Keejayswith his father Kee Wah Lee in 1986 to serve the UKChinese marketexplains: “In the first years when we started our production, we used to send our products to Chinese restaurants through Chinese wholesalers. The high quality of our products helped sales grow in stability. Our first intercultural sale was the turning point for the business. The products were discovered by an Italian fish and chips company and following this event, our business and the demand for our products grew visibly. It is an honour for us to see our products are being used in the cuisines of the world and this helped us create variety in our ranges.”

With a number ofcustomers already establishedin Britain’s Turkish and Kurdish communities,Sammy is confident that the same could happen for Sweet & Sour Concentrate in the Kebab Industry too.

Goldfish Brand’s sauces have been tried, tested and trusted inthe fast food sector for more than three decades and can more than adequately meet the flavour requirements of kebab shops and other takeaways.

Sweet & Sour Concentrate has been developedto complement fried foods such as chips, scampi, chicken nuggets and fish, making it a natural partner for other fried kebab meats such as doner.

The sauce also presents a golden opportunity for kebab takeaways to explore new flavours and ideas.Visionary chefs and entrepreneurs could use Sweet & Sour Concentrate to introduceexciting kebab concepts with minimal effort; customers are always open to trying something a little different.

In 2017 the simple addition of cheese sauce and jalapeno peppers to traditional doner kebabs in Berlin led to the rise of the popular “chilli cheese doner” trend that delighted customers across the cityand broughtboth revenue and publicity to the vendors who served them.

For Keejays if such an easy change can be a big hit in Germany, UK kebab takeaway owners should ask themselves, “why can’t the same thing happen in Britain?”

As Keejays see it, fresh ideas like the “Sweet & Sour DonerKebab” could be the British fast food scene’s next big hit. The list of possibilities does not stop there either,Sweet & Sour side dips, a shish kebab marinade and more could be options too!

Sweet & Sour Concentrate also offers more immediate advantages as well. The sauce is designed to fit the fast food business model and can bring time, financial and storage benefits.

Uniquely, Sweet & Sour Concentrate is sold as a pasteso servers simply have to add water to produce a smooth sauce, making it quick to prepare, even in small batches which means it is less wasteful and considerably cheaper than ready to use options.

There is added value in the fact that the sauce can be stored in smaller containers in its paste form than its pre-prepared competitors, making it ideal for takeaways with limited space to keep supplies.

With all this to offer,Goldfish Sweet & Sour Concentrate is ready to make its mark on the UK Kebab Industry and is without a doubt one to watch in the future.


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