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National Kebab Day to support local businesses on 10 July

Photo credit: Selale Restaurant, Harringay Green Lanes.

Britain will be celebrating National Kebab Day this month with restaurants and takeaways across the country giving away huge offers and discounts. The inaugural celebration of one of Britain’s most celebrated foods will be taking place on Friday 10 July.

As the hospitality industry slowly emerges from a difficult Covid-19 lockdown, National Kebab Day is aiming to help promote local businesses once they reopen on 4 July. With Brits consuming around 1.3 million kebabs every day and the kebab industry contributing £2.8 billion to the British economy, the celebration of the mighty kebab is long overdue.

National Kebab Day has partnered up with restaurants and takeaways across the country to offer a massive 30% off a single kebab meal redeemable through e-vouchers available on www.NationalKebabDay.co.uk.

National Kebab Day has been founded by the UK’s premier, multi-award winning, Halal food news site Feed the Lion. Feed the Lion’s Chief Editor, Hamza A. Bajwa, said:

“It is no secret that restaurants and takeaways across the country have been struggling during this Covid-19 lockdown. If we are going to help our local businesses, then the time is now, not later.

“After a long period indoors for so many, National Kebab Day (#NationalKebabDay) is encouraging people to celebrate one of Britain’s national dishes by getting out there and enjoying a delicious kebab meal.

“And with such a diverse multi-ethnic community, our country arguably boasts some of the most varied kebabs anywhere in the world, with enough variety to spoil you for choice.

“Visit www.NationalKebabDay.co.uk, sign-up for your exclusive e-voucher discount, and go enjoy a kebab meal at your favourite restaurant on 10 July.”

National Kebab Day in the UK coincides with World Kebab Day on 10 July according to Days of the Year.


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