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New era in the food industry


A difficult post-pandemic period awaits kebab businesses spread all over the UK.

The shortage of personnel, the shortage of qualified chefs, increased meat prices and other costs, felt in all areas of the sector, will be the most important problems that businesses will face. On top of factors such as accumulating rent debts, deferred bills, increased employee wages due to the shortage of personnel after furlough, the industry’s reliance on online package services to a large extent reinforces this challenging process.

The government’s spectatorship to ruthless commissions of up to 35 percent creates an unfair situation for businesses as well as consumers. Moreover, distribution companies that make huge profits by ruthlessly taking advantage of the situation businesses are in during the pandemic aim to protect their unfair profits in the new period with initiatives called dark kitchens. Small containers are operated by Deliveroo and the other big companies, creating unfair competition for the independent restaurants and takeaways.

These containers, with a small number of staff working, with no customer facing services, dining areas or waiting staff are create unfair competition for businesses that employ many staff and pays rents and rates.

After all, kebab will not only be considered just a ‘more affordable’ meal.

After all, kebab will not only be considered a more affordable meal. In this process, many factors such as service quality, taste and presentation will be decisive for the sector. We are entering a period when our shops need to renew themselves. Considering that chains like German Doner Kebab has changed many things from bread types to presentation, small-scale businesses will also need to upgrade their menus and the way of sales.

Nowadays, businesses rely on many factors such as service quality, taste and presentation. Looks like those business owners will have difficulty in continuing with the traditional and old-style trade in the post-pandemic period. It takes effort to adapt to the new process and to survive in the increasingly online and competitive distribution-based market.

Not only call the customers, who can support their favourite local restaurants and takeaways by ordering their food directly from them on the phone or via their websites. Businesses also needs to renew themselves to resist to delivery apps which are dominating the market….



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