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One takeaway for every 1,646 Londoners


Westminster and Islington have been revealed as the most takeaway-heavy areas in London, with one takeaway shop and mobile food stand respectively for every 769 and 1,106 people.

On the other hand, Merton is the area most lacking in takeaway businesses, with just one per 2,200 residents.

According to the latest figures from 2020, published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the British capital has 5,710 ‘takeaway food shops and mobile food stands’ among its workplaces. The number of those businesses increased last year, from 5,585 in 2019. Employment in this business sector stands at around 39,000.

The London borough with the most takeaways is also the capital’s most popular tourism destination, Westminster with 330 businesses. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is the area with the lowest number of takeaways in the capital with just 90 of these kinds of businesses.

Kebab takeaways and vans as well as Chinese or East Asian takeaways, Fish and Chip shops, Pizza restaurants, Curry Houses and plenty more, including burger grills and other cuisines are consistently increasing year on year in the capital. Despite long Covid-19 lockdown, the number of takeaways increased slightly compared to the previous year; 125 more restaurants have been added to the capital’s existing takeaways in 2020.


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