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Pizzeria takes on Deliveroo

James Chiavarini has started a petition calling on Deliveroo to charge fairer commission rates.

A pizzeria owner has launched an online petition calling on delivery giant Deliveroo to stop slapping double commission rates on independent restaurants.

James Chiavarini who runs Pizzicotto on Kensington High Street told BritShish: “Like many other restaurants, I have been unhappy for a long time with Deliveroo who keep hiking our rate, keeping our customer data and giving terrible customer service. I thought of the campaign when they announced the Eat out to help out scheme. For £10, you can eat for free in my restaurant, but the same dish would cost you £13 on Deliveroo.  I think that the time is right for the small guy to now take back control of their supply chain & profit margins.”

On the petition’s web page, James explains that Deliveroo currently charges independent restaurants and cafes commission rates of 35% but gives bigger chains an easy ride, charging them only 18%.

“Alongside charging you for delivery, Deliveroo slap independent restaurants with an eye-watering commission rate of 35%, but only charge chain restaurants almost half of that (18%.)  This is despite their fixed costs for the service remaining exactly the same.

“I own a small family run restaurant on Kensington High Street called Pizzicotto.  As you can imagine the last 6 months have been particularly difficult for us and many others in the hospitality sector. We could only trade with delivery, but soon found that we were working for nothing. All our profits were being sucked up by Deliveroo (and their voracious partner Amazon) and soon we had to stop trading completely.

“Since merging with Amazon, Deliveroo have been abusing their market share to harass the small guy into accepting crippling terms. Enough is Enough. I started this petition to ask Deliveroo to charge a fair rate of 18% across the board.  For them to discriminate so heavily against the little guy during a global pandemic is greedy opportunism at its worst and the cruellest kind of capital bullying.  Independent restaurants are suffering enough this year.  Deliveroo will be the final nail in their coffin.

“If you agree, and want to support your local café, pub and restaurant, please sign below and ensure the future of your high street stays bright, profitable and local.”

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan called on Deliveroo to “do the right thing.”

James launched the petition on 24 July and it gained almost 700 signatures in the first two days. The petition also received celebrity endorsement from Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan, who re-tweeted the petition, saying: “Signed. This seems very unfair on small local restaurants. Come on @Deliveroo – do the right thing.”


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