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“We need delivery firms’ help” says Capital Restaurant

Capital Restaurant Wood Green has been hit hard by high commission charges by JustEat and Uber Eats.

A kebab restaurateur is calling on large delivery firms to reduce commission fees on meals sold by takeaways and restaurants to help businesses during the coronavirus crisis.

Murat, who manages the newly opened Capital Restaurant in Wood Green, North London told BritShish that delivery providers JustEat and Uber Eats can help small businesses that have been forced to rely on takeaway and food delivery to survive because of the coronavirus by lowering the commission rates that they charge.

“We opened recently after the lockdown. We do have JustEat and UberEats. It’s okay but the charges of Uber Eats and JustEat is about 30%. It’s really high” he explained.

“We have 20% of [our income goes to] workers, 25% to meat and chicken, which is really expensive right now, so we’re not very happy, we’re struggling at the moment.

“We are a restaurant with 300 seats capacity, which is very high, and because of the lockdown we only have the option to takeaway, which is not enough for us.

“Because the charges of the delivery partners — JustEat and Uber Eats — are very high, it is very complicated, so they need to help us with the percentage, maybe put it a bit lower down.”

You can support your favourite local restaurants and takeaways by ordering your food with cafes and restaurants directly — and avoiding Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats. Get the message out by posting on social media with the hashtag #DropTheApp.


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